Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Breaking News

Well, what is the news? Its that I am once again updating my blog, and hopefully I do so more frequently than in the last year. But mayby I get my new website up and going, and then I will move all the blogging over to that site. But whit my progression I think this is were the news will come.
So what is happening? We actually have winter. If it continues like this it will be the best November ever. Last year was really shitty as you can read below. So far this year its great. We have been on the sled for more that two weeks all readdy. This week end I had three days of sleding in the mountains and to day I was back up again for a 50 kilometer run. The next days we are going to open the trail system back home, hopefully get som 30-40 kilometers of trail groomed, whit dogteam.
The training is going as planed and we are getting all the miles we have planed for so far.
This year is also a puppy year. we had 10 alltogether, but 3 of them is sold. The rest are going to stay. They have grown a bit since the pctures is taken, but are still cute.
Hopefully I will write some more later.

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