Monday, June 18, 2007

Summer Plans

When looking out the window its not looking much like summer. Clouds hanging low, rain and +8c. Perfect for training dogs, but not for summer activities. I am not complaining, we have had two weeks of warm and sunny days and nights. Its just what its like living up here, its part of the charm.
Hey, what am I doing? Talking about the weather?? That is not the objective of this entry. I was just going to drop some lines about my summer plans. In two weeks its back to Canada again for some weeks of wilderness canoeing. This years trip is going to Coppermine River in Northwest and Nunavut Territorie. Over there, waiting for us is good fishing, big lakes and a wild river, running over the tundra and through the arctic forests. Its four weeks out there on our own, in close contact whit the subarctic nature. I will be back here after the trip whit a report and hopefully some good pictures. Until then have a good summer.
Posting some pictures from an earlier trip to Dubawnt River in 2003.

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Michelle Laurie said...

Checking out your blog from Senegal.....nice pics! Your trip will be amazing...hopefully I too make it out there one day. Still, Canada does exist south of 60 so come visit some time eh?!
hugs from a hot spot of 40 degrees, Michelle