Sunday, May 13, 2007

Powder Valley

Hidden behind high mountain and guarded whit bad road conditions is Powder Valley. Here, in this hidden skiing paradise, you can still take your skis on by the road (about 250 m above see level). In a normal year you can ski here from November and at least to the end of May. If I am not much mistaken there will be skiing conditions here well out in June this year. To day there was wet snow for the first 200m, and after that it was hard snow up to 700/800m. From there it was POWDER all the way to the top at about 1400m. What more to ask for? And this is in the middle of May!
The local guru, Aadne Olsrud, was really happy that me and Jørn Henriksen came along and got him out. He really had to do some office work, and did not have time. But when the sun finally pokes out from behind the clouds there is nothing to do but go skiing.
The name of the valley and the mountain? I don't know if I want to tell, its such a good place and hardly any one else in the mountains. This mean that we almost always have the first line in the best snow. Ok. Its Tamokdalen, and to days mountain was Istind, a part of the Rostafjellet massive

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Jørn said...

Gode greier Aslak! En dag må vi få til å kjøre ned der vi hadde tenkt. Det så fint ut! Takk for turen - pinga hilser.