Thursday, May 3, 2007

Skiing at last and last(?) trip whit the dogs

After the Friday 13th trip I have at last got some more time for skiing. On Sunday me and my brother was on Alapen, a mountain right up from where I live. High up it was no signs of spring, it was winter full time. Something I can like. It means there will still be good skiing for a long time:-) The rout down, on the west side of the mountain is not that steep, but as far as I know
it has not been skied before.
The weather has not been the best the last weeks, cold, rain and snow and windy. This, unfortunately means not good skiing weather. But I hope for some ski days during the weekend.

Yesterday I was on what is probably my last trip whit the dogs for the season. I started in Øverbygd, aiming for Dividalen. The trip took me through high valleys, over lakes and through high plateues. The main reason for this trip was to look after my tent, that I forgot on the Friday 13th trip. After 5 hours I got to were the tent actually was. Good. Then a good rest and starting out again at 3 in the night. The conditions are perfect for sledding in the mountains now. You can go everywhere you want, you don't need a trail at all. I would have liked to stay up there longer, but this weekend the plan is to go to Tromsø and do some skiing there and visit some friends there.
Hope to come back whit more skiing pictures later.

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