Saturday, September 8, 2007

News from the dogs

The training for next winter officially started at August 15. By now I am doing 13 kilometer runs, whit two days on, and one day of. The weather has been good for us the last weeks, cold and gray weather. Just how i like it while training. And training we need. I have now officially signed up for the 1000 kilometer long Finnmarksløpet, and its just to hope that we will reach the start, which is the first finishline. I have 14 dogs in training, and need at least 12 to start. But hopefully I will get all 14 to the start.
There is also two new members in the dog family. Pelle, born in June, and Herman, born in May. They spend their days playing in the puppy pen or running around in the woods on small trips. More news will be posted through the season, so stay tuned.

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