Friday, November 27, 2009

Black days

The worst November in history is soon comming to an end. Outside there is nothing but missery. If you try to sneak out the door you are most likely to end up in hospital, either whit a broken leg or at mental hospital whit severe depression. There is nothing that is fun. Even the birds have stoped to sing.
But there is hope. Someday the snow must come. As it does every year. It is just a question of when. Someday the ice that cover the ground must be gone. Someday there must be posible to train the dogs whitout driving hundred of kilometers to find snow. We cant even train on bare ground back home, because there is no bare ground It is just ice.
There is no pictures this time. I dont want any memories from this November. That will send me into depression if I ever get to see it.

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