Monday, February 2, 2009

Doggydog dog

Its winter, and its dog season up north. The last weeks have seen some more long training runs for the dogs as well as one race, Tromsquest. Tromsquest is a 170km long race in our backyard, Rostadalen and the mountain around Devvdes. Here we ran a 85km trail twice, whit a 4 hour mandatory rest between each lap. 15 teams compeeted in the 8 dog class and 17 in the 12 dog class. Much more than we had hoped for.
I ended up as number 6 in the 8 dog class. which I am satisfied whit. The dogs did OK, and we ran both laps at the same time. That tells me that the doggys are in good shape and able to keep a steady pace for a long time.
This weekend me and Lotta was back in the mountains. We did some good runs in the mountains of Dividalen and Rostadalen. Some of it was trail breaking and some on good trails. After the weekend we could log another 160km for the dogs. In five weeks it is Finnmarksløpet, and Lotta is more or less ready for the 500km in the back country of Finnmark. Lotta in Dærtavagge

Wilma resting inside.
Store Rostadvatn

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Wim van der Laan said...

Hi Aslak,

We wish all the people and dogs from Undervegs a good trip and a good time in Finnmark. We will follow you online!

Wim and Lies