Sunday, October 28, 2007

The team

As written before, I have 14 dogs in training for the Finnmarksløpet this season. I can start whit as many as 14 dogs, so I hope that all dogs are fit for fight at March 8. The big question is if I will get Trangia in shape for the race. As you will see in the last post she is doing mummy duty right now. But I am going to start training her soon.
I don't have any good profile pictures of the team right now, but here is the dogs I hope will take me around Finnmark in March:
Gunnar: Leader. Finnmark 500: 2006, 2007
Sting: Leader. Finnmark 500: 2006, 2007, Finnmark 1000: 2005, Femund500: 2005
Skare: Leader. Finnmark 500: 2006, 2007, Finnmark 1000: 2005, Femund500: 2005, Femund400: 2006
Trangia: Leader. Finnmark 500: 2006,2007, Finnmark 1000, 2005, Femund500, 2005
Dønning: Finnmark 500, 2006, 2007. Finnmark 1000, 2005, Femund 500, 2005
Kesam: Finnmark 500, 2006, 2007
Momba: Leader. Finnmark 500, 2007
Kaos: Leader. Finnmark 500, 2007
Elvira: Leader. Finnmark 500, 2007
Vosko: Finnmark 500, 2007
Elton: Finnmark 500, 2007
Sunda: Finnmark 500, 2007
Smirre: In training to be a leader. Rookie
Tutta. Rookie
In 2006 we never reached the finish line, at Femund500km they had to scratch afer 400 kilometer. In 2007 we had two teams on Finnmark 500km. Trangia, Sting, Kesam and Sunda were dropped. Trangia and Sting reached the finish line at Finnmark 1000km in 2005 with Espen. This mean that 10 of my dogs have seen the finish line in Alta, which mean that this is the most experienced team we have ever sent to Finnmarksløpet.

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