Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rostoætno, canoeing in northern Scandinavia

Again it has been a long time since I last wrote something in this blog. There is so much I could have shared whit you, but time and the ability too use it right is not always there.
In May and June the priority has been water (frozen for skiing and running for canoeing). I have had two open canoeing courses and one for a local school class (grade 8). The plan whit the school class is to go for a one week wilderness canoeing trip in September.

In the end of June/early July me and some friends was on a eight day canoeing trip from Dividalen to Soppero in Sweden. In April we brought the canoes to Dærtahytta by dogs. And on June 23 we were ready for the trip. The first part from Dærta to lake Rosto was easy going on small lakes and some river. The weather was not the best, cold wind and some rain. On lake Rosto we met some problems. There was still some ice! So in stead of one day of easy canoeing we had two days of breaking ice, pulling the canoes over ice and portaging on shore. But we made it to the outlet at last. From here we were looking forward to lots of funny rapids and challenging canoeing. Well, dream on. The water level was high whit the river in full flood. This made for some big rapids and a lot of lining and portaging. The gradient of the river was a little steeper than expected as well. But still it was good fun.
Even at normal water level this river is for experienced canoeist or kayakers only. I lost the count of how many rapids and waterfalls we lined or portaged. But still it is a really nice trip in a beautiful area. The landscape is rolling hills and you are above the tree line for most of the trip.
After three days on the river Rostoaætno we came to the confluence whit Tavaætno, and the two rivers forms the river Lainioætno. From the confluence to Soppero the river is not as wild, but you are still in the wilderness. The river is still moving fast, whit long sections of grade 1 rapids. Here you can really go fast and far in one day. The only thing to look for is Ledakoski, two rapids that can be challenging. The first is grade 2 with some large rocks. Then there is a calm stretch before the next rapid. This is grade 3, but if you take a sneak rout on river right you can come down ok on good water levels. From here its plane old fun to Soppero, whit some big waves and fast moving water.

In Soppero Brit Mari had the coffee ready and soon the sauna was warm. Thank you.

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