Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy new Year

The new year have started, and what a good start. Woke up to day to a clear sky and -10. And on top of it, we have really good snow conditions and excellent trails to run the dogs straight out of the dog lot.
What a day, snow hanging on the trees, the almost full moon sending its magic light down on me and the 10 dogs running steadily into the early afternoon darkness.
Gunnar and Sting doing a great job up in lead to day, keeping a steady pace. Vosko placed in the second pair, a good learning position for (hopefully) up and coming lead-dogs. He was doing a good job together whit Trangia. The rest of the team is Dønning, Kesam, Sarek, Petra, Pompen and Bjørk (for pictures of the dogs check out I am really looking forward to the rest of the winter together whit this happy bunch of hard working dogs. I am quite sure we will experience a lot of nice trips together.

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