Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Out again whit the dogs last night. Both me and Espen were going for a work out session. We started out of the dog yard in each our direction, hoping to break up most of the trail system. I took the wrong way. I met some serious amounts of snow. Between 30 and 70 cm. On the worst part I used one hour to cover 1,5 km of trail. Espen had some more luck in Iselvdalen. After the swimming trip I took a 4 hours rest on "check point Lilleng" and went out again. This time I went up Iselvdalen. The snow conditions there were quite a bit better. During this session I, at last, got past the 3000km of training milestone.
Now I am having a cup of coffee before going out on the last part. When that is done the dogs and I have been on out for 20-22 hours, whit two breaks of 4 hours. Posting some blurred pictures, one of dogs swimming in snow and one of Sting, Petra, Vosko and Dønning resting on check point Lilleng

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